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Ahmed Kungu

Ahmed Ali Kungu


Ahmed Kungu is interested in exploring the conflicting relationship between nature and humankind. Recent work focuses on endangered species from around the world and our responsibility for their peril. Fascinated by people and wildlife he raises issues of values, society, politics, and environment in his vibrantly coloured acrylics. He believes everyone only sees a small part of the richness of life and need to open their minds to new ideas. The symbolic significance of the details in his paintings invites careful study as the apparent chaos both conceals and reveals images. His spiritual and symbolic use of colour is reminiscent of the early works of Kandinsky, and the abstraction that of Picasso, all combined in his own unique style developed from the richness of his Kenyan origins.


'Thanks for your interest in ARTROM Gallery. The AG Staff met to to view your artwork images. We were all impressed with the technique you use. Reproducing and duplicating the images, and overlapping them to create other forms. Your appreciation of Nature is evident and is shown in the respect for the animals in your paintings. Very colorful and original, optimistic and teeming with life. Your vision is clear.'

2002 HND Art & Design
2006 BA Visual Arts

1972 – 1973 Riruta Primary School, Nairobi, Kenya
1975 – 1982 Lake Kenyatta Primary School, Mpeketoni, Kenya
1994 – 1995 Todmorden College
2000 – 2002 Todmorden College
2003 – 2006 Leeds Metropolitan University

1986 – 1990 Self-employed signwriter and artist, Lamu, Kenya
1990 – to date Self-employed artist and workshop leader, UK
2002 – 2003 Assistant Youth Leader, Style, Todmorden – art leader.
2004 – 2005 Assistant Youth Leader, Wadsworth Youth Club – art


1993 Commonwealth Institution, Saltaire.
1 day printmaking with Primary School pupils.

1993 Community Arts Centre, Bradford.
1 day printmaking with adults with learning difficulties.

1994 Community Arts Centre, Kirklees.
1 day printmaking and painting with disadvantaged children.

1994 Vale Centre, Hebden Bridge.
1 day stencilling with adults with learning difficulties.

1994 Riverside Junior School, Hebden Bridge.
1 day collage production.

1994 Mixenden Junior School.
1 day textile and paper printing.

1995 Woodcraft Folk, Hebden Bridge.
Monthly sessions with youth printmaking, carving and paper mache.

1999 Dobroyd Castle, Todmorden.
1 day printing wildlife motifs on textiles with all ages.

2002 Springhill Secondary School, Rochdale
2 days T-shirt printing.

2003 Thornton Primary School
1 day at International Art Day printmaking on textile and paper.

2004 Todmorden High School
Geography/history/art seminar looking at E Africa.

2006 St Joseph’s Primary School, Todmorden
2 day workshop with young children printing and painting.

2007 St. Oswald’s Primary School, Accrington
2 day workshop with young children, printing and African culture.

2007 Heads, (Participatory Art in Calderdale)
Summer programme of African Slavery art projects working with
children of all ages.

Available on request.