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Jose Martinez Verea

Jose Martinez was born in 1962, he lives in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico he's been into the field of fine art photography since 1983.

Into the area of fine art photo he has many exhibitions on his way, some in Mexico and some outside his country (Unites States, France and Germany.)

He has his own photo studio located at Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. In this place Jose works his advertisement and authorial photos making different sets for each work.

Jose told us that he usually works with two or three ideas at the same time to make his portfolios, one of his work routines is to draw the ideas and then put them into the film, another method is the constant observation of the "every day things" he is always carrying a camera "you'll never now, if something is going to jump right in the next corner"

Jose is well known for his abstract and conceptual vision when he plays with objects and still life, he works with different photo techniques and he's always open to learn more.

Part of his photo style is based on the work of photo masters like: Joan Fontcuberta, Irving Penn, Edward Weston, Joyce Tenneson and some others.

Jose told us:

"Your work must be out of your memory and out of the drawers, you have to share, ventilate and criticize your work in order to grow up as an artist and as person"...