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Rana Mohammed Afzaal

I started painting at a very young age, it was a desire from within my heart that kept flourishing as I was growing up. I studied Art for three years at Lahore College of Art in Pakistan. With some fellow students I opened up a printing and advertising business at the age of 21. Hand painted banners for all sorts of advertising, events, billboards for all over the Country were and indeed still are made using all sorts of media and materials. The national television channel of our Country was soon to hear about this and soon we were working on campaigns for the local government for design and advertising. Even at present the printing business is still fully flourishing. I myself came to the UK some years back to per-sue other things, but I was never able to concentrate on anything else, my heart was never into anything more then it was into art. So now I am back and this time in the UK , ready to carry on what I should never have stopped, should never have buried, but I am ready to rise again hopefully with as equal as success as my still flourishing business back home.

"I want people to see not just to look at my work with their bare eyes, I want them to look deep within to see and feel what I do when I paint the story from my heart, through to the paintbrush in my hands"