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Zoran Petrovic - Maja

Zoran Petrovic-Maja born on march 31st 1956 in Belgrade, Serbia. After finished High Cchool he enrolled at the University of Philosophy, but drops out and moves to Germany. 1986, in Frankfurt, he enrolls in KUNSTSCHULE FUR EXPERIMENTALE ARTS BEI PROFESSORIEN FRAU ELKE MORISSON.
1989, he returns to Belgrade and works in multimedia arts at the ’Atrium“ gallery with the owner andknown actres Neda Arneric, makes the action: A CHANCE FOR UNKNOWN.
For quite a while in the gallery "Atrium" Belgrade painter Zoran Petrovic-Maya
have been holding an artistic performance/exibition (in further text : the Exibition) called " A CHANCE FOR UNKNOWN",aiming to support and promote new and yet unknown painters who bring new visions and perspectives towards the Life,World and Art in their works.
The Exibition was going on for six years.
Among the painters who participated in the Exibition Zoran made a selection
of few painters with whom he founded a Group named "DRAW JUST THE WAY YOU SPEAK".
His idea was to go towards personal (microcosmic) and original painting expression, just the way someone's writing is his/her original expression in
microcosmos. The Group is still active.
Besides his painting Zoran established few performances and video works.
In 2006 he established a non-government organisation "PROARTIS" aiming to promote Serbian Art in the World by building a modern,contemporary concept on the traditional foundations.
Ive been following Zoran's work since long ago and I think I know it.
Also since long ago Zoran works with white colour wich prevails and dominates on his paintings.
But White is not only an expression of light for him....its more the energy,a positive energy containing all positive things within : health,toughts,desires,smile,,shape,look,love and all the communication...
Expressed in one world : Zoran strives to become a HUMAN!
I have a feeling that Zoran will will quit painting,as soon as he finishes his own "White on White" painting, just like Kazimir Malevich did it.

Mariana Avramovic
Art historian