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darren west

Darren West was born in 1966 in West Sussex and grew up in Burgess Hill. After leaving school he went on to train as a glass blower, further extending his schooling to become a teacher of this age old trade.
Starting out in the neon glass blowing industry, Darren focused on the commercial appeal to his art, but now, entering his 30th year in the trade, he has started to explore the complex yet beautiful relationship between art and neon.
West wanted to investigate and challenge contemporary belief systems and he started to dissect the tensions and uncertainties at the heart of human experiences in his work. It developed a provocative attitude which explored complex personal states resulting in expressions of love, hate, religion and war. With this, his understanding of neon art magnified, and he began work on some of his most eye-catching and edgey pieces. In 2009 he enhanced his art form by joining forces with London based milliner to the stars, Piers Atkinson. This collaboration catapulted Darren straight into the public eye, with a feature in Vogue Magazine. Darren had now established his place firmly and securely in the art world.
Today, showcasing all over the world, Westís creations have made a real impact in places such as Los Angeles, Dubai, Paris, China and Australia. He has worked for institutions such as the BBC to name a few, and with continued demand and success, Darren is fast becoming an iconic member of the modern British Art world. With work currently in itís initial planning stage, West looks ready to set alight the neon art world with vigour.
He currently lives and works in Worthing.