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Natalia Stiris

Born in Oslo, Norway 1986
I have lived in Oslo, Miami, Copenhagen, Madrid and now London.

I showed my work at a fair in Oslo where a representative from Central Saint Martins offered me a place to study at CSM, so I agreed to do a foundation year. After finishing my first year I realized that art for me was not just a hobby, but part of who I am. I wanted to learn more about other art forms apart from what I practice (painting, drawing and photography) and decided therefore to apply for a more theoretical BA. So I now study full time and make works of art in all my spare time.

2006/-09 BA(Honours) Criticism, Communication & Curation: Arts&Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
05/06 Fda Art& design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design

2007 Lethaby Gallery (CSM) Group show- Undergraduate Direction show for BA honours
2006 Back Hill (CSM) group show- Fine art Painting

I began painting because i felt a necessity to explore, investigate and express what i could not explain with words. I use a visual language open to interpretation, as I wish to give the viewer an opportunity to explore and continuously discover a new language within the same painting depending on an ever-changing state of mind.
I never visualise my paintings before hand, I research into my inspiration through literature, surroundings and other artists and let the effects inspire me visually. It is often a 'diary' process where instead of writing to clear thoughts I paint, and from that I can later extract - its purpose and thought.