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Biljana  Popovich

BILJANA POPOVICH was born in 1955 in Zemun, Serbia.
She studied painting and graduated from the University of Belgrade, Academy of fine arts in 1982. She received her MA in 1985 from the same school. She is a member of ULUS-Association of Fine Artists of Serbia, and of "3+1" an informal group of artists who exhibit together.
Biljana Popovich has exhibited her works at numerous group exhibitions and had nine independent shows in Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Bosnia.
She was awarded a fine arts award by the Foundation of Petar Lubarda in 1982.
She lives and works in Belgrade as a free-lance painter, a visual arts lecturer and tutor to aspiring painters.

The PAINTINGS of ARTIST BILJANA POPOVICH depict the meeting of Haven and Earth, recalling the gentle caress of an angel and the fine dust which flew from its wings.In her series of pictures " The Litte Sea Angels " Biljana calls for defence of the divine principles of goodness, beauty and truth. These pictures directly and emphatically show the world of the spirit. They are faithful counterparts of a mystical universe wich wants to anull the materialism of modern times and art. We can sincerely say that Biljana Popovich has the soul of a mystic who propels us in to the transcedental. She remains an artist of the new times, who paints sacred, metaphysical paintings p a r e x c e l l e n c e.