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Pawel Barylo

Career profile
A skilled and experienced marine engineer, expert in aspects of marine power plant and auxiliary machinery, structure building, welding and design, together with an understanding of stuff supervision and management gained in a variety of environments.
Key skills and experience
• Over five years’ experience in marine engineering
• Knowledge of installing, servicing and repairing power plant and auxiliary machinery
• Welding skills in mild steel (Arc, Mig, Oxy-acetylene), stainless steel and aluminium ( Tig) structures.
• Drawing and project design (AUTOCAD)
• An established track record in staff supervision
Career history
2006 to present
Hms President (1918)
Project manager
• West elevation project
• Steel decking design project
• Marine repairing and maintenance engineering
WASP building-metal design
• building and Welding
• Maintenance
• Structure design
Polish Marine Company
Ship’s mechanic
• Practical skills on the sea
• Ship’s maintenance and building
• Marine constructions

Education and training
The Complex of Maritime Schools at Kolobrzeg Poland
C&G Welding Skills Oxy-Acetylene , Gas-Shield, Arc, Tungsten-Arc, Aluminium
NVQ In Performing Engineering Operations
Advanced Diploma in Engineering Technology
South Bank University Built Environment Extended Degree
Personal details
Date of birth: 30 January 1980
Interests: Sailing
3D computer animation design
Car owner/driver with full UK licence