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1972-3 Bideford School of Art - foundation year (A level in art & printmaking)

1973-5 South Devon Technical College - graphic design (diploma in graphic design)

I spent three years at art college, qualifying as a graphic designer before becoming bass player with the Adverts. I am now exhibiting regularly and curating the odd show.
I have designed covers for records including the Paul Fox memorial album, PIL and Alvin Gibbs, and my work has been featured in books including The Truth of Revolution, Brother by Lisa Sofianos, Robin Ryde & Charlie Waterhouse, Black Metal Colouring Book (feralhouse), Growing Up With Punk by Nicky Weller, Barry Cain, Russell Reader and Den Davis, and Cash is King vols 1 and 2, by Carrie Reichardt and Bob Osbourne.
My work references my past and explores contrasts - between attraction and horror, control and chaos, rough and smooth. I am inspired by surrealism and artists including Hieronymus Bosch, Goya, Leonora Carrington and the Chapman Brothers. Also horror films and books, extreme music, victorian grottos, and my own dreams, which I have been basing work on recently.

Rebellion festival, Blackpool August 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
The Zenith bar, London, autumn 2008
The Others’ Spectrum Autumn ’09 show, London
Resistance Gallery, as part of the Rock and Roll Expressionists collective, December 2009
Beyond Punk, Signal Gallery, Hoxton, London, August 2010
La Fiesta, Newcastle (solo show) August - September 2011
Mexico Siniestro,Resistance Gallery, October 2011
Punk and Beyond, Signal Gallery November 2011
Christmas show, Cultivate Vyner Street, London, December 2011
Taking Liberties, The Treatment Rooms Collective, London, December 2011
Black, Cultivate Vyner Street, London, February 2012
Slag, The Treatment Rooms Collective, London, February 2012
Vinyl Record Show, Cultivate Vyner Street, London, April 2012
Pandamonium, Signal Gallery, London, June 2012
Sex & Drugs & Rock &Roll – Trash Art Gallery, Pennsylvania, USA, August 2012
Art Barter show, Sir Peter Blake’s bus – Strummer of Love Festival, August 2012
5 Year Anniversary show – Signal Gallery, London, September 2012
Multiplicity 2 – 129 Gallery, Berlin, October 2012
Magick Eye 2 – Orbital Comics, London, October 2012
Black Xmas – Signal Gallery, London, December 2012
Joe Strummer tribute festival, 100 Club, London, December 2012
The Gender Agenda – W3 Gallery, London, March 2013
Hanged – JP Art Market, Massachusetts, USA, March 2013
Changed – JP Art Market, Massachusetts, USA, April 2013
You’ve been Framed – W3 Gallery, London, May 2013
Location – Red Door Studio, London, May 2013
Memorabilia – Norlington Road Studios, London, July 2013
HUH? – JP Art Market, Massachusetts, USA, October 2013
Affordable Art Show – W3 Gallery, London, December 2013
Opening show - Londonart showroom, London, January 2014
Divine Define Feminine – Londonart showroom, London, February 2014
Gender Agenda II – W3 Gallery, London, March 2014
Pop up show – 100 Club – Oxford Street, London, June 2014
Scotland In Our Eyes – Scottish Crown Court, London, August 2014
Bermondsey Joyriders show – Underdog Gallery, London, September 2014
Pop Up Show – W3 Gallery, London, October 2014
The Screening - Stratford Picturehouse, London, November 2014
Guilty Pleasures - Sweet ‘art at Juno Bar, London, November 2014
Affordable Art Show – W3 Gallery, London, December 2014
Inspiring Change - W3 Gallery, London, March 2015
Sacred and Profane – Hundred Years Gallery, London, March 2015
ABC - Gallery 40, Brighton, June 2015
Understanding the Ritual - Gallery at the Storey, Lancaster, June 2015
We Are W3 - W3 Gallery, London, July 2015
Rock n Roll Art Show, Underdog Gallery, London, September 2015
Don’t Look Now - i’klectik, London November 2015
Pop up show - T Chances, London May 2016
She - Sweet’art, London, July 2016
Come to the Sabbat - Underdog Gallery, London, August 2016
Punk Rock and Roll Art Show - Underdog Gallery, October 2016
I Hate Christmas Pudding - Gallery 40, Brighton, November 2016
Paste Table Gallery - AMP London, January 2017
Joint show with Paul Harvey - Whitley Bay Film Festival - Newcastle August 25th-26th 2017
Malt Cross gallery - Nottingham September 3rd-16th 2017
Underdog show - London October 2017
Affordable Art Show - W3 Gallery, London December 2017
Waterloo Square Gallery - Alfriston October 2017-2018
Joint show with Charlie Harper - Waterloo Square Gallery, Alfriston June 2018
Cash is King - Saatchi Gallery, London August-September 2018
Rock & Roll Art Show - Underdog Gallery, London September 2018
Affordable Art Show - W3 Gallery, London December 2018
Cash is King II - Saatchi Gallery, London September 2019
Punk Rock & Roll Art Show - Underdog Gallery, London November 2019
Camden MIND benefit show - Vout-o-Renees, London January 2020
Through The Lens - W3 Gallery, London February-April 2020
Solo show - HOK Gallery, The Hague, Netherlands, February-April 2020

'Beyond Punk' at Signal Gallery, August 2010
'Punk and Beyond' at Signal Gallery, November 2011
'Black Xmas' at Signal Gallery, November 2012