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Omri Koresh

My name is Omri Koresh. I am 22 years old.

Since I was a child I have always been painting and (I believe) had extraordinary imagination.

I am very dedicated to art and constantly think about the next big thing.

The tools I use are: Apple MacBook, Photoshop Cs3 (sometimes Painter IX), and a Wacom tablet. Sometimes I use models, references or nothing at all. The painting are then printed on canvas.

I paint what I feel: imperfection of our world, perfect worlds, cruelty, beauty and chaos.
I like to have a plot behind the painting.
Some of my works are very personal; they are reflections of the current or past events.
I put in a great deal of thought and love in each piece.

I usually make a research on what I am going to paint: the nature or the history of the characters, and always attempt to give an extreme precision on how every little scratch should be.