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Geoff Gunby

I grew up in the seaside town of Lowestoft, Suffolk, and the harsh light and marine landscape that I grew up with there form part of my artistic DNA. I then completed degree in Media Studies at Sheffield Polytechnic where, similarly, I was much struck by the industrial landscape that confronted me. I did not start painting until I was in my mid thirties and then almost by accident. The first thing I did was on a discarded stretcher and was of the now closed steelworks at Redcar. After this sold I thought a bit and then continued on my way, at first dealing mainly with industrial subjects, burned out cars and factories and the like, but then moving more and more towards portraiture, which I found I preferred. I am instinctively a figurative painter, and, although I have experimented with various styles in the process of 'growing up ' my work has remained basically realist in nature. As a child first artist I really related to was the 19th century French anglophile James Tissot, today my influences include the Italian baroque painter Caravaggio, the impressionists with their focus on the effect of light, the existential honesty of artists such as Lucien Freud and also the American school of photorealism. I have exhibited extensively, mainly in London and have also fulfilled several residencies. I actively seek commissions, particularly for portraits.