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Whilst painting, I generally work 'subconsciously', sometimes with just one emotion, one word, one issue (spiritual, political, personal) often listening to the same piece of music over and over... often painting through the night, in poor light, sometimes blessedly in moonlight, and see what is revealed in the morninglight.....

I have painted murals in Thailand, 'folk' painted in New Zealand, Israel and America.

Mixed media - oils, acrylics, pastels, organic and recycled house paint, graphite, egg tempera, body fluids - sometimes mix own oils, hand-collected pigments.

LOVE to do commissions, 'tuning-in', visiting homes, playing favourite music - abstract paintings, coffins, murals, pet and Yoni (sacred female centre) portraits and floral transformations....Previous commissions include healing centres, community spaces....Two recent British films have used some of my work...