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Olga Majrowska

I studied graphic-design on Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.
I have finished Film Academy in Lodz in Poland.
When I was 8 years old I have made my firts Photo.
From this point I have started with my passion. Ten years after I worked for daily newspaper as photojournalist. Models, portraits and professional session was my next step. From three years I cooperate with polish edition of 'Gala 'magazine like a producer of photo-session.
On this moment I cooperate with Models agencies. Person interests me most. Sometimes I photograph a Nature.
I love making a Backstage-Photos. It's not a repartage for me but it looks like a pried Photos.
A good Backstage is a great story like editorial or a fashion-editorial for me. I look for some different situation than each sees in first moment. It's special for me.
I like to photograph manual camera: 6/6 and 35 mm. Many Images was created by digital camera.
Photo - it is like a painting for me.
It is most important in order to something saw each other...