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christopher clack

"Christopher Clack is a rare and precious talent, one of those rare visionary oddities that England has a habit of throwing forth. His work, although he has been committed to it for many years is rarely exhibited, their is a genuine religious or spiritual motivation in his work, it has always been there, it’s the driving force for what he does and strangely may have contributed towards its neglect in the past.
Now it seems that the use of religious imagery is fashionable/acceptable in the art world, but Christopher is not just using religious images , its not ironic or tongue-in-cheek or a re-hashing of what’s gone before, he wants to re-asses it, to find the meaning in it again, to make it new and meaningful for us now. This has nothing to do with any Christian orthodoxy, he as never been part of any church or religious group. I think he wants to find what ‘the Religious’ have lost, and maybe, at the moment, only art can do that.’

House Gallery press release 2005

Most Recent Exhibitions

2002 The Liverpool Biennial 2002
New Religious Art selected and Curated by Neal Brown.
Group exhibition of 38 artists including amongst others Tracy Emin, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Matt Collishaw Installed in a deconsecrated church Seel Street, Liverpool
2003 Tremayne Fine Arts, St Ives Cornwall, Plaster Casts

2004 The House Gallery London 'Descent'
One man show of large format digital paintings

2004 The London Art Fair- Islington Represented by House Gallery

2004 Unit 7 Studios 'Passport' Camberwell Artsweek Mixed Show

2004 The Sun and Doves Mixed Show London

2005 Corsica Arts Club London ‘Text’. Southwark Literary Arts Festival
Selected Mixed show on the use of text in the visual arts

G7 Gallery. London Mixed show

The London Art Fair Islington Represented by the House Gallery

Residence’Studio exhibition Camberwell arts week June 11-12

The Bearspace Gallery London ’Minotaur’ Selected Mixed show June 23 July 21

2005 The House Gallery London. ‘Lavania’ One man show. Large format
digital paintings7 July to 21july

‘The Brixton Open’ Bettie Morton Gallery. Sept 3 - 2

2006 The Celeste Art Prize. Short listed artist

2007 Lichtaffen Gallery London ‘The Scanner is a Camera’

Solo Exhibition of Photographs inspired by the work of August Strindberg

2008 ‘Sacred’ Selected Mixed show at the ‘Novas Gallery’ Contemporary Urban
Centre, London

2008 Started the group Modern Religious Art

2009 had the Image 'Coin of the Realm' selected for the cover of 20x20 magazine (Hunger for Distraction issue 2)