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Mykal  A. Wright

Still finding my
artist, But.. i might of found it..

Mancunian born Painter living in London. Studied art for many years. Gained great knowledge in Art, Graphic Design and Animation. During College a teacher said 'Mykal you shouldn't take up painting' he took it upon himself to learn becoming a self taught artist in oil paints on canvas while stil switching to ink on paper, 'Still can't paint but have a look anyway.'

Many artistic variations but he considers them all to be one. however, passion lies in oil painting, The true master media, after tempera.

Deeply inspired by nature, vintage photographs, history, human beings are generally interesting, always taking everything in like a sponge thinking inside and out of the box or maybe there is no box..

Tending to paint nature and people, still life's. mostly about the human condition, death, aesthetics all that happy stuff, but i don't want to give to much away. what ever is on his mind which is mostly painting..and..buying cheap suits.

'I take commissions'.
Each gift is preciously sent to each customer in the safest possible way, hopefully the postman wont ruin anyones orders.

I take commissions.

fortunate to have been able to paint personal pieces, Been able to have been shown in a few galleries online and on the street, i have sold over forty Paintings on canvas around the world in places like California, Canada, China, Spain, France and Italy and here in the uk as well as doodling illustrations or website images for companies.

All the work is signed, dated, I use special certification stamps to prove it's mine and original. All the paintings come with a certificate of genuine authentication.

I take commissions.

Love a kind life,