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Jasmine Maddock

Surrealist stuckist artist described as' genius, the most gifted and original artist he has ever seen' by Charles Moffat, Lilith Gallery, Canada. Recent exhibition Stuck on Painting West Eleven Gallery with Stuckism - stuckism com april 21-25.
Internationally exhibited and commissioned from c21c A1 size Liverpool Lives canvas of surrealist Liverpool buildings to noted exhibitions such as New to DACS exhibition, Kowalsky Gallery London till April 24th. Sell greeting cards with literaryspot london at art market and regular twitter user Theprettyartist Full member of DACS- the Design and Copyright Society. Appeared on recent BBC Liverpool video through being a Stuckist, see BBC website liverpool08 about the Biennial. There is no artist like Jasmine, a one off with a wild and unique imagination able to conjure up visions of surreal beauty and humour from victorian men with duck feet to half men half women with worms as pinstripes on the jacket, to leopard beehive wearing toy cats with leopard rain and self portraits crossed with old time film stars like hedy lamarr who i am said to look like with mini versions coming out of their heads to indicate that Beautiful women are astute and have plenty going on in the brain department:) i work in acrylic, pen, ink, make up and mixed media, and not really inspired by anyone apart from my own imagination but do love rene magritte. I cant really explain how i get there i just do. Its probably a lot to do with feeling and looking out of time, and my fairyness and non connection with society and people.