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Michalina Czarniecka

Michalina Czarniecka (alias Mees-Hell) - born before the end of XXth Century.

The beginnings of Michalina’s creativity came from crazy teenage activities in an open group of friends: fine art, poetry and a dangerous lifestyle of everlasting journeys around the country which were mirrored by journeys into the worlds of the inner self. These friends and journeys fed a fascination with the punk movement (both aesthetic and anthropological) and for the cultic myth of ‘authenticity’ that surrounds the old masters and new masters of the modern art movements. All these created a rebelliousness towards conventional education and conventionality in general, which continues in her life and art today.

The greatest consequence of this rebelliousness is Michalina’s voyeuristic approach to confrontation and learning, which has created an almost paranoiac and "thievish" approach to broadening her artistic and spiritual horizons. It is this approach that led Michalina to teach the importance of inter-medial consultation and professional focus – important if the artist is to be truly self conscious – in fine art, to bridge the disparity between creativity and iconography in her Mother’s artistic workshop in Poland.

Michalina cites many influences on her artistic development the most significant being the work of H. Jarminska and the apparently uncorrupted touch of Orient, Zen (although in this medium nothing and no one can be absolutely pure). Her artistic dialogue with inner self is connected to an exhibitionism she discovered in the tone sacred. Her work is an emotional contemplation of reality, stylistic dialogues cry out more than converse, fluctuate and convulse as they try to explore the archetypes of femininity and demonry that are so often linked. Along with a lyric approach to composition Michalina invites the viewer to draw their own conclusions.