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Renate Buckley

As an artist I can be inspired by many things. My work reflects personal experiences, things I've been storing inside for both long and short periods of time.

Drawing was something I always wanted to learn. It was and still is my ambition.

Portraits take a special place in the journey of my creativity. Painting a portrait of someone I know, just met or someone unknown is an amazing experience of connection in which self-discovery takes place.

I never find myself being comfortable staying on one subject or style for long. If the process of a painting becomes automatic or predictable I move on.

Painting to me is a process of connection, sharing from the heart. Where the subject, me and the witness become one.


Born Riga, Latvia. Dec 4th 1976

1992 - 1997: Riga School of Art and Design

2000 - 2003: Latvian Christian Acadamey, Painting department

2003 - 2007: Latvian Academy of Art, Painting department

After I graduated in 2007 I moved to London where I work and live today.