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zorian matthews

Zorian Matthews is a Brighton artist based in a seafront gallery, in the renowned Artist Quarter, where he displays and sells his latest work. His work has an almost photo realistic style that incorporates light and shadow, reflection and movement, texture and pattern into his painting. He aims to capture elements of his subject that otherwise often remain dormant and undiscovered.

Zorian is inspired by the natural landscape in its various forms and the changing elements that have shaped it, together with the introduction of the 'man-made' into this environment. His experiences from travels around the world, to far flung destinations, are combined with imagination and memory, to create a work that evokes and highlights the intrinsic mood within the subject and produce a lively characteristic.

His work has evolved over time, through a development in colour, composition and style, expressing his own individual feelings to portray the central theme of the painting. He uses bold, vivid colour with fine detail to capture exotic locations and dramatic landscapes. Towering mountains, turbulent seas and thundering skies sit next to works of burning sunets, tropical beaches and tranquil lakes.