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Philip Parham

I have discovered in Brazil something quite different: I met the Austrian born artist Maria Tomaselli, who has introduced me to an exellent coterie of arists that all live and work in Porto Alegre. The Museu do Trabalho has become a livly centre of artistic activity where people work together with a genuine sense of community. Paulinho Chimandes runs the lithographic studio and kindly allowed me a space to paint undisturbed and free of charge.
1995-98 Royal Academy Schools, Post-Graduate Diploma in Fine Art, Painting
1990-93 University of Plymouth, B.A Honours Graphic Design, Illustration
2000 Zelig, Porto Alegre, Brazil
1999 Museu do Trabalho, Porto Alegre, Brazil
1998 Rover Group Shows, Frankfurt, Geneva, Bologna, Munich
Premiums, Royal Academy
1997 Premiums, Royal Academy
Interim Show, Royal Academy
1996 Interim Show, Royal Academy
1995 Menagrie, North Bank Gallery
1994 The Genitals Are Beauty, House of William Blake
1997-98 S.J.Solomon Prize
Aoto Akinobh Scholarship, Japan