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Patrick Palmer

I am a professional artist exhibiting at a number of galleries across the UK. I am also the life-drawing tutor at The Fire-Station Arts Centre in Windsor.

I studied at Heatherley's School of Art in London and at The National College of Art and Design, Dublin. I have also been lucky enough to have been given extensive personal tuition by Michael Clark, a friend of Francis Bacon and by Bobby Gill, an honorary fellow of The Royal College of Art.

Whilst an element of realism is important, I try to move beyond artistic convention and avoid an image that is too predictable. Realism is not enough - what you take away and what you add to what you see are what transform a picture into art. I believe that the viewer wants to see a degree of draughtsmanship from an artist but they deserve more than this. I aspire to make my pictures touch people personally and to be considered simple works of beauty.

I am happy to do do portrait or full-body commissions...