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Ludmila Kufel-Rutowska

CV Bio: 30.11.1983 - Beginning of earthly life; 1998 - 2003 Crosing of the threshold in Fine Art Highschool in Bielsko Biala, specialization: Artistic sieve printing; 2004 - 2009 Removing to Lublin, the beginning of adventure with 115 studio. Painting. The Maria Curie - Sklodowska University Art Department. And after Five years - Master of Art. 2009 to now on - Psychology - SWPS in Warsaw,

CV Solo: 2007 " I-IV" Maria Curie - Sklodowska Art Department Gallery.

CV Group: 2002- the exhibition of Fine art school student's - Psychiatric Hospital in Bielsko Biala, curated by dr hab. Jogoda Adamus. 2003- After outdoors painting, „Lanckorona 2002”, Hotel „Sachara” Bielsko Biala, curated by Ewa Pielesz. 2006- „ See you again” in White Gallery in Lublin, curated by Sawomir Toman . 2007- „Young forum of Art”- The exhibition during Festival of Art Department, curated by Irena Nawrot. 2009 Abnormals Gallery in Berlin, Opening Exhibition.

I'm trying to find my own way in painting, this is my favourite thing in my life (the same as my husband:) Every day I've got a new ideas, and I create a new works. I'm trying to say something about the world, people's feelings, and beauty of nature around as. I'm useing paint (oil, acrylic), metal plate, glue, plaster and many others. Sometimes my paintings has change sfter some time, they have their own life. It is imposible to see everything about it at the photo... more about me: