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Marcus Bishop

My work is a physical manifestation of my own personal feelings and emotions. I am not worried about what size the canvas is, it's just about expressing the way I feel at the time. I try to work as freely as possible by not thinking to much about what I am doing and just let my emotions flow out onto the canvas. When I paint I listen to music, mostly jazz, and I feel this comes out onto the canvas aswell, as music is such a part of me as well the work wouldn't feel right to me if I didn't listen to music as I painted. I feel that the music helps me escape to a place where my feelings and emotions rule and the day to day thoughts of work and life are nowhere to be found, it is in this place that I paint.

When I paint I see and feel the emotions that I have at the time and when I have finished I stand back and see so much more, things that weren't in mind at the time.

I work in oils because I love the way they flow on the canvas, it makes my expression of emotion so much easier.

When I start a painting I continue with it until I think it is finished or my emotion or feeling has passed, I never half finish a painting and come back to it. I work quite quickly because I like the paitings to be only of my feelings and not of my thoughts, if I worked slowly I would think to much about what I was doing and try to over analyse each stroke and mark instead of the energy that my paintings posses.