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Christina T  Liddell

I have exhibited in solo and joint exhibitions in Orkney Islands, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Scotland, Iceland, Paris, France, Barcelona over the years.

Passion to me is perquisite to art, it is a language of the divine soul vibration and my unique expression of Spirit. It is a journey and not a destination.
I had studied the Great History Of Art, Architecture & Design, it gave me a wonderful foundation of knowledge, a safe footing for my own personal exploration but I agree deeply with the great philosopher Rudolf Steiner that "art is the act of the soul". To me its a personal search and expression for truth.
Evidently my work varies in visual language, its diverse and always explorative and though often its representational itís not photographic. My intention is to produce images that explore light, colour, essence and space often in an abstract way, often not but without losing sight of reality, creating a power in the suggestive. Its always my imitation of reality, which is only apparent. Thatís where the magic of painting is held for me.

My inspirations are so vast but drawn mainly from natureís immensity, her formation, structure, beauty and intimidation and marrying it with a divine omnipresence. All these elements in which create a matrix through the turning of the year, bringing ever changing seasonal magic, her vibrancy and transient affects of light that can play in the stories of our lives.

The forces of nature expressed as they are in the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water with the greater Ether binding all together are our spiritual ancestors; they were in existence before the appearance of animal and man.

By attuning with these energies through close involvement with nature, I aim intuitively to express this essence on canvas allowing me to reflect and search for my own personal place in the larger scheme of things.

Rather than just re-creating a scape I want to catch that mystical sense between sea, sky, land which are God and observer, though no single work can hope to distill the complex spirit of our world or the nature of human kind. We live in a world of contrasts and contradictions, a world of spaces and boundaries in a paradoxical sense.
We can find ourselves feeling isolated on the planet that sustains our very existence with an ever-increasing mechanical age and urban living, we can forget our true connection with Mother and Father God to our detriment and we can be suppressed.
Our early ancestors had a spiritual reverence towards the earth and saw her and themselves in a holistic sense as one.

I touch upon this and explore the deep symbolism, mystery and "sense of place" on an individual, global and Universal scale.