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Otakar Hudecek

A new planet Otakar.

It seems that in some personalities, there are forces pulsing, capable to blow into fantastic distances of millions of light years and yet remain on Earth. On the mean and damnable Earth, on the Earth of foolish desires and vain expectations, seducing and moving us.

And it is just him who discovered a planet of colourful wanderings, his second world that he can invoke by paintings thanks to his imagination and rare dramatic temper. It has hardly anything in common with the refuges of an arcadic idyll. They emanate from symbolic configurations, from their gemstone drift and they are born by surges of anthroposophic oceans or hiding among coralreefs of dreams.

Colour events are forming, suggesting the unity of universe. A great revelation of generative spontaneity is growing by superposition of contrast colour forms and contact representations. The preserve of Eros volcanically explodes, colour cascades are spilling over the threshold of consciousness. The mixture of the sensual and the imaginative, the more of the unspeakable it swallows, the more it is raving in puzzles, while heading to the depths of colour secrets.

In astonishment, we feel how Otakar Hudeček, admirer of modernism, indorses the heritage of Blaue Reiter artists, successfully fighting at the same time for his own expression. His paintings must have been blessed by Kandinsky, he is devoutly indorsing van Gogh, "Father of all us", as well as to Picasso´s energies.