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Radka  Myslikova


My name is Radka Myslikova and I am originally from Prague, Czech Republic.
Iíve always been interested in visual art but never got a chance to receive any kind of proper education in this field.
I came to Britain 7 years ago. I studied at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth, Museum&GaIlery Studies and Information& Librarian Studies. I also spent a year at Coleg Ceredigion, attending Furniture Restoration course. While and after I finished my studies, I took various fine art courses at the School of Education & Lifelong Learning and which gave me a slight inside into an artistís world. As a result of that I ventured myself into the world of painting about 2 years ago.

Occasionally I work as a life-model. Being a model has given me the opportunity to work closely with many art students, tutors and other art professionals.
Working as a life model has also given me a chance to see ďboth sides of the coinĒ. This work enabled me to have an understanding of both viewpoints Ėof an art object and an artist. Although I donít concentrate my work around figurative painting or drawing it has helped me in many aspects of my work.
I have never studied fine art as such so I call myself an amateur.

Although I like to explore diverse types of art, such as drawing, photography or jewellery making my main area of work is painting. My work is very varied in subjects and techniques because I like to experiment.
I work in acrylics, mainly on paper. Sometimes I paint on card or produce collage.

My work is mainly about nature, a place where everyone is welcomed and can feel cosy. Another topic that I like to explore is the indestructible element of nature (skulls and bones). I also paint abstract pictures.
Itís up to everyone what he/she can see and find in my art works. Each and everyone can use his/her imagination to discover what lies behind the scene.

Every artwork can be mounted on request (including photographs). Artworks cane be mounted in white or black.