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David Cosker

My Name Is David Cosker,i was based in Hong Kong and Kowloon during the 1980's who is one of two Artist's with a famous record of Art works to both the public and televised community in the Far East.
Since my return in 1997 to United Kingdom my Art work has been towards development of creative designs with a combined illusionary effect.

I have had relations with the Hong Kong Fringe Club and Worked briefly for film director Sammo Hung in connection with Jackie Chan and others. I was associated mainly with the winning and partnership of a breakdance team that competed with other well known teams in Hong Kong and won first place. Afterwards i made an investmant towards a dance studio to choreograph Hong Kong's Stars and Entertainer's and then began to work at Apollo 18 Night Club alongside Hong Kongs famous and well known D.j's.( i am someone who venture's by himself due to what i am interested in and appreciate.)
I have also worked at the Cambridge University Library kitchen catering as an assistant Chef for 400-500 people per day, due to being treated unfairly from the start by my boss and co-workers i felt it was not a place for me though i was offered a tribunal i didn't want to cause strife for my boss so i left it alone, hoping he would learn something good for a change including his co-workers.( Please note Cosker is my given name from my Mother, whilst my real surname is Silva.
Last of all concerning work i have done is tobacco farming for a short but intensive period as well as farming bananas where i oversaw a large group of workers and helped them with their work to get the product out into the market.
As for that i spend a lot of time doing drawings which are linked to my thoughts and find them a source of inspiration or connection with the outside world.
The best way to get the most out of my Art work is to stand a foot away from it in order to get the best desirable effect.
You will also find how Capturing it is to the eye at further distances due to an illusionary effect it gives you.
One more thing Brick Lane Gallery has asked of me to exhibit with them in their Art in Mind Exhibitions after sending them the photographed images you have seen here, and believe my work is good enough for their public display at the Brick Lane gallery.
Thank you.
David Cosker.
p.s you may of noticed that some of the photographs aren't so impressive but i can say for myself the Art work is in good condition.
Please note that the Art work done is best with a black frame and black bordering to your liking remaining as a whole in Black and White mainly, this i believe brings out the best, yet other colours could be satisfying.