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my art career began in PRIMARY SCHOOL when my classmates noticed i was very good at art ( i&i taught meself how to do foreshortening in drawnings without anyone showing me how to...) and often asked me to do their art class werk in the lesson for them. the cheeky rats..

after 4 years of FREE education i launched/stumbled my way into the "real world" az a creative professional with many dreams and ambitions. a few flirtations with day jobs occurred during this time but all the while i knew i waz destined for a life of art..

now several years later all the hard werk haz paid off and im loving the life of a full time artist.

in my time ive painted a 20 x 70 foot mural on the side of a community centre in elephant and castle with the help of 20 hyperactive children for a the council (at the rockingham estate), BT boxes for the council, carved a 25ft totem pole in the middle of winter with a chainsaw, created portraits of people at many gallery/hotel parties in the style of other famous artists, made animations, and all sorts..

ive also written this rather incomplete Cv.

x morganico