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Julia Kolomoytseva

1997 to 2002 College of Culture and Art in Lugansk .
2002 to 2007 Lugansk State Institute of Culture and Art

From 2000 participated in Ukrainian and International exhibitions.
My paintings are held in private collections in Ukraine, Poland, England and France.
The source of my paintings is the world around me.
I share the feelings of subjects of my painting: their emotional state, excitement, joy and sorrow…

‘Freelancer’ painting: I deeply sympathise to the old musician who has to make a living by playing on a street. He plays on the street and a passing girl makes me think about her future.

‘Jealousy’ painting: I show the suffering of the woman jealous because the man she loves is busy flirting with another woman. The young woman is puffing nervously at the cigarette watching the other woman taking the centre stage.
I am attracted to the cold colors, many of my paintings are rendered in silver colors: still life, portraits, landscapes.

My works fill my life with a meaning. They provide me with the inner axis, harmony and equilibrium. It is a break from the day-to-day routine to the other world, my personal world. The world that gives me the euphoria.