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Asra Munir Khan

"Asra Khan works in a naive style with a straightforward presentation of symbol, utilising strong colour in her pastels. Her themes arise from the earth, and the seasons. Asra creates with a spiritual awareness of stillness and space."
Tricia Reust - Master Pastellist with the Pastel Society of Australia

Artist Name: Asra Khan
Date of birth: 1978
Masters in Pol. Science Majors in international Relations
Masters in History Majors in European History and American studies

Art Credit Acheivements: Selection of 2 pastel works "LUNAR SPLASHES" and "SWINGING THE BLUE" by London art gallery in commemoration of American Civil Rights Movement.

Art Practice Medium of special interest: Pastel painting

Other mediums: Oil on canvas, Fabric,Pottery,Mirror and Glass painting,pencil drawings,

Colours and drawing are my childhood companions.I started to paint,in my teens,on the regular basis by GOD GIFTED talent purely.Whole of my work is imaginary and symbolic, having messages full of humanitarian passions. Most of my art works have subject of 'HOPE' explaining this point,
(In any kind of difficult times one should think positively, behave positively.)
human beings are equal having same kind of physical systems and basic needs.They should show respect each other,a part from this,whatever the beleif one has.
The need of the hour is only,To show respect for every single person's beleif and life style.

Way of work:Suddenly, An idea blinks in my mind,in color or grey form. I use to think over it for few weeks than pastel it out on the pastel sheet or work it out on the canvas, pottery or glass. Hence my art creations are genuine and pure imagination.Even landscapes of my work are 100 percent imaginary. Doing art is the journey of self exploration and self discovery to me.

“Patels turn themselves
Make the flower prettiest
Don’t humans make,
World the easiest.” (Asra)


Recently I have started my own fine arts hub having pastels,glass,mirror,oil & acrylic art creations.Soon I will start to teach kids & teen agers,having faith,"only true fine arts can create a sensitive & sensible mind".