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Jiri Ptacek

I was born in Prague (Czech Republic), where I still live, in 1977 and started my career in painting at the age of 14. At 17 I was accepted into the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, where I studied for my Master’s Degree in Fine Art, finally graduating in 2001.

My passion for tropical landscapes started when I was about 10 years old – apparently quite unusual for a young person living in a central European landlocked country. I was, however, strongly inspired by the images of tropical beach scenes and landscapes I came across and they immediately appealed to my imagination. This inspiration and passion did not fade and it urged me, and still urges me, to visit and relish such wonderful places as the Dominican Republic, Brazil, California and the Canary Islands.

Another closely connected source of inspiration for me is the endless movement, rhythm, energy, power and ineffable sensual effects of waves. I attempt to capture all of these sensations in my paintings, hoping that the viewer will, at least, be able to taste, smell and feel the fresh salty water and air.

The compositions and themes of my pictures in this collection simply ‘come’ to me: they grab my imagination; I am already able to visualise the finished painting. Working with strikingly bright coloured acrylics offers me the freedom to exploit my imagination and creativity and to indulge in a world of beauty, calm and surreal perfection.

I want my work to evoke feelings of joy, wonder, optimism and hope; my aim is to encourage the viewer to escape from the stresses and turmoils of modern day life and to enter into a new reality and a new sensual world – if only for just a few moments.

I have chosen to paint in various styles and use different themes to reflect the wonder and complexity of life, nature, the senses, experiencing and feeling, the beautiful, the cherished, the feared.

'Metamorphosis' is my most recent collection and acknowledges the powerful forces of life, death and inevitable change to which we must surrender and accept with grace and awe. A translucent water-colour effect using acrylics, ink and other media contributes to the intrigue and wonder and the ethereal mood of these paintings.

The collection has been inspired and influenced by our collective interest in the metaphysical; in the life that we live and experience but which we find almost impossible to describe, explain or, sometimes, even accept. I felt a powerful need to represent a concept of the fragility of life, the inevitability of change, of surrender to extrinsic forces and, finally, the ultimate search for inner peace.

Jiri Ptacek

Academic Qualifications:

MA in Fine Arts, June 2001
University: The Academy of Fine Arts, Prague


2012 - Roxy Gallery, Prague - Perfect World / Dokonalý svět (shared exhibition)
2011 - 21st Century Gallery, Prague - Islands
2010 - PRE Exhibition Hall, Prague - Contrasts / Kontrasty
- Felix Figura Gallery, Prague - Perfect World / Dokonalý svět
2008 - Kotelna Gallery, Říčany, Czech Republic - Contrasts / Kontrasty
2007 - VZP Exhibition Hall, Prague
2005 - Špejchar Gallery, Chomutov, Czech Republic
2004 - Rehabilitation Centre, Na Homolce Hospital, Prague
2003 - Rehabilitation Centre, Na Homolce Hospital, Prague
2002 - Gallery Kunstraum, Berlin, Germany
- State Institute for Nuclear Safety Exhibition Hall, Prague Gallery
- Storkower Bogen, Berlin, Germany
1996 - Velryba Gallery, Prague

Art Collection Reviews:

2011 - Metamorphosis Collection PhD V.Hubáčková
2008 - The Perfect World Collection PhD J.Machalický
2010 - The Perfect World Collection PhD J.Machalický
2005 - The Perfect World Collection PhD H.Aulická
2001 - The Way through the Darkness Collection PhD J.Machalický

Publications featuring articles on my work:

Nov. 2011 - Estate magazine
April 2010 - Prague Post
Oct. 2008 - Lidové noviny
Mar 2007 - Reunion
1997 - Umělec / The Artist


2008-12 Landscapes - various scenes/themes, styles, media
2011 - Portrait of Vašek (the Pug)
2011 - Portrait of Guzel (the Prague Ratter)
2008 - Portraits (two) of Doc. MuDr. Vladimír Stibor Csc CLJ
2007 - Portrait of Archbishop Karel Otčenášek


My artwork is included in private collections in the US, the UK, Germany, Japan and the Czech Republic.