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Frances Redding

Frances Redding studied at The Surrey Institute of Art and Design, 1999-2002

I enjoy using utilitarian objects such as fabric, buttons or clothing in my work, especially when they are from an era long forgotten. I find it interesting bringing things back to life, and rejuvenating them, placing them in a different context so that you see them in a different light.

The paintings are about colour, pattern, and appreciating the unappreciated. By enlarging the pattern and enhancing the colour, the fabric ceases to be a mundane, utilitarian object, and starts to be seen as something much grander. The fabrics used are specifically chosen for their bold patterns, bright colours, and the fact they have all been discarded. They are being transformed from the undesirable to something of beauty. The pieces work individually and as a set despite their inherent differences. They contain elements of the artist’ personality; not only in the way they are painted, but also in the way the fabrics are selected. The circle, as a shape, is always intrinsically beautiful, and is therefore ideal for use as a tool for highlighting the fabric underneath. The simpleness of the circle works well with the often complicated patterns.

The fabrics are taken from the sixties and seventies, partly remembered for it’s garish fabrics. Such fabrics would not be used in the home today. Seeing these fabrics often evoke strong memories of childhood, for those who were there, from a curtain to a bed sheet. The patterns would probably have gone unnoticed it the home all those years back, but when seeing the pattern as it is on the wall, and enlarged, connections are made with the past.

Apart from painting, I have a keen interest in graphic design and web design.