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lesley blackburn

Lesley Blackburn

Trained as an artist in 1978 at Wakefield School of Arts and Technology where I completed a basic foundation course in art,photography,graphics,ceramics and scuplture .I received received Grade A at school in art . In 1979 I then went to Winchester school of art where I specialised in fine art and scuplture,BA HONS . However it became difficult to earn a living at that time so whilst I continnued to paint I decided to become a nurse and subsequently a midwife.In 2014 I retired completely as my art is becoming successful enough for me not rely on midwifery . In 2015 I will have my own purpose built studio .
In 2009 I was given the opportunity to turn professional and joined by my first gallery . The internet has changed the public perception of art and buying power and I have rapidly become a best selling artist to date and sell all over the world . My work has sold in United States,Canada,Spain,Belguim and Denmark,and the channels islands . I have had a number of exhibitions to date two in the Malvern Theatres in Worcestershire . I also have a yearly exhibition with a charity called Spirewatch .also do regular street fayres with a local business group which have proved successful.My style is quite varied but and ranges from very abstract work to more traditional impressionism .I am particularly fond of textures and work with a palette knife with seascapes and floral work.There are customers who collect my floral work .I always work on fine linen canvas mainly in oils ,acrylics and mixed media . I have done a number of commissions .The largest to date was a tripartite painting measuring 8 ft wide by 4 ft high which was a semi abstract painting of Big Ben and Westminster Bridge . The customer was so thrilled with the result that I received photograghs of my painting on his wall