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Claire Martin-Cocher

I was born in 1959 in France and did my Arts and Painting studies at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Aix-en-Provence in France, where I met with the French painter Jacques de Thiersant who will influence my work and serves me as a mentor and then later with Jacques Boullier.

In 1984, I met the musician Joel Thiery with whom I shared my life. We will not leave each others until his brutal death in 2012. Our two artistic thoughts, musical and plastic, bond together, build up along the years and remain indivisible.

From 1987-1991, I completed my training with Pierre and Iberia LanoŽ who taught me the different techniques of Etching.

I live in a remote village lost in the French Alps where I find inspiration in the contemplation of the mountains and nature around me, eternal snow and far away skies. I try to give life to my visions of the eternal chaos that surrounded us to re-arrange it to create beauty.

In 2010, I participated to the creation of the "Cairn group" still in Savoie with Claude Sarragossi and Alain Parat.

I see myself as a craft woman; most of my paintings have been done on frames and canvas that I build myself, cutting the stretchers and using some old linen cloth locally made in the early 1900ís applying rabbit skin glue to finally be able to work on them (this is why some have odd size)
I will then use different techniques and different type of paints, pigment, black walnut dye, wax and pieces of papers, pieces of fabric and of plastic to create my paintings.

Once this is over, I usually found difficult to detach myself from them, it is hard for me to see them go and live their own life. I am physically attached to them, linked forever to their atmosphere and their internal mysteries, a reflection of my life and of my feelings.

Although I donít try to interpret things I see, for a good reason, there is no subject, my painting is not figurative. I only try to reflect on the canvas vibrations, pieces of somber desire and tortured thoughts, bright flashes of lights, emotions that jumps out at you by-passing any intellectual understandingÖ non-figurative, but not at all abstract. Furiously concrete, sometimes almost physical. Some paintings, dark and tortured will literally hit you, while others, more airy, will lighten your head and sooth your soul.
Another one will grab you by the hand, teeming with its strange textures, full of movement, vibrant internal dynamics that exult, discrete and caressing or overflowing with an almost obscene life, each of these creations have their own life, each is an emotional universe by itself, a particular focus on one or the other of the countless energies that live very deep in our souls and in our own cosmos.

Through Abstract Expressionism I try to makes visible what is not, what can only be felt.