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Alex McGill

My Name is Alex McGill and I am twenty six years old.

My first encounter with painting was at a local farmer's show in Cheshire. From a young age, walking around and seeing watercolours, oils and acrylics on various canvases and boards set alight my passion for painting.

My favourite subject in school was art, I used to play around with various media looking for favourite methods, techniques and intriguing combinations. My favourite works were always that of colourful skies, dynamic and emotive pieces that shout out a story and personality.

In college I gained a passion for painting with acrylics, learning to let layers dry and settle before applying more mediums and re painting again. I enjoyed the liberty of painting without a definite answer or end result, often jumping from one idea to another without finishing pieces.

My passion for creation passed beyond just the canvas after college. I pursued a career in the building industry; laying bricks, joinery, landscaping. I found a deep fondness in the form of buildings and the unfinished or unloved aspect of the buildings I worked on.

With little spare time, I worked largely in ink and pencil to sketch and create images of the sites, buildings and surroundings I worked on. Whenever I got free time I'd convert my favourite sketches or drawings into paintings, sometimes the paintings just went their own way looking more like clashes of paint buckets than true form but in this style I found my 'voice' for colour combinations.

My paintings are a passion of subject and colour formation. I enjoy creating moments within paintings that help to broaden the painting's original concept. I work using sketched images and add layer upon layer of changes, sometimes repeating whole paintings to find the character and soul of the piece.

I am now studying to become and architect and I have even less time to paint than usual, but each piece that escapes my sketchbook and reaches the canvas is special to me. Each piece involves layers of time and material. Different thoughts and feelings go into each layer, sometimes the story changes while I paint. Colours smear and lines are blurred while reconstructing the moments within each section of the painting.

I would like to think my paintings reflect the time I worked in construction. I like to see the frameworks and the structures of my pieces shine through to the finished piece. I like to see that my paintings reveal the work that has gone through each stage. Some of my favourite moments of my paintings are the sections and elements that are 2-3 stages and sometimes more before the painting is finished. If i find a moment in my paintings that I truly enjoy looking at, I leave them; finished or unfinished. My painting is complete (regardless of concept, subject, or aesthetic) when I can sit back and enjoy each and every morsel of information on the canvas.

Thank you for reading.