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Tony Minnion

The landscape holds much fascination for Tony Minnion. Vital, powerful, energetic and unique his landscapes capture and articulate the primal forces of an inspirational part of the Cornish North Coast.
Following hidden paths and access ways shared by surfers, adit explorers and sea anglers he paints from an impressive landscape sometimes overlooked by other artists. The scale, height and drama of the cliffs and rugged charm of the coastline, that can be seen in the distance from his Redruth studio, are captured at speed using an ingenious combination of materials, marks, gestures and a sharp and perceptive eye.
Tony switched to paint from textiles in 2010 and subsequently, following a fast track of frenzied development, a distinctive sweeping free style has emerged that confidently captures the extremes of space and distance, light and dark, vertiginous drop and plummeting depth that he is drawn to paint. Shoreline and cliff face are portrayed with complex, abstracted textures and heightened colour revealing hidden recesses and openings that suggest gateways to other worlds pathways leading deeper into the painting and further into the animate heart of the landscape.
His work sells throughout Cornwall and the rest of the UK.