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Sergei Inkatov

Sergei Inkatov was born in Baku in 1971.

1987 Entered art vocational school in Baku to study painting.
1992 recived Certificate of Tver high artistic school after Venitsianov on class of painting
Member Russian Artist`s Union in Estonia
Laureate of fund ”Cultural Property», Russia,

Laureate competition «Tallinn Cultural Capital of Europe 2011”
Sergei Inkatov, an Estonian artist of Armenian origin, produces original and immediately recognisable paintings, and is achieving increasingly widespread international acclaim. His work has proved highly collectable in Moscow and St Petersburg, and he has enjoyed successful exhibitions in Germany, Spain, Finland, Russia, USA as well as Estonia. The renowned and influential Russian Museum in St Peterburg has recently voted Sergei as one of the top artists of the 20th Century and 14 of his works are being published in their commemorative book. At 40 Sergei is firmly on his way to achieving great success.

Sergei Inkatov’s Easterm Cultural roots stamp his work with mystery and sensuality in the eyes of the European. What is more, his painting is conditioned by a romantic and festive philosophy of life. The vivid colours of the old part of Tallinn, in his urban landscapes, or in the rush of wind against the ships sails, in his seascapes. He has a predeliction for the crooked facades and narrow streets in the old part of Tallinn, the Estonian city he adopted as his own, his second homeland after Baku, where he was born an Armenian.
"The joy of living, the exaltation of life in all its colour and fullness, is the first thing one perceives in Sergei Inkatov’s pictures, whether the spectator is looking at a sunlit landscape, an old town, a still life or the most abstract composition.

On his trips abroad, the artist takes notes and makes sketches in which he captures the aroma and essences of cities such as Toledo, with its cobbled streets, and Strasbourg with its facades full of colour. In Sergei’s work, the architecture of the town’s old quarter is of special importance: houses with time worn facades lean over and hold each other up. The painter know how to choose just the right angle to create a focus in which space is narrowed down, the streets crowd in on each other ad the buildings are stretched, and the spectator is immersed in a wonderland where cities are built out of playing card houses that have red, blue and orange roofs.

His still lifes, southern in their forms and colouring are also outstanding. Inanimate objects, natures mortes, containing a pulse of life in every brush stroke. The citrus aroma of the lemon’s porous rind, the pomegranate smooth and shiny in its ripeness, and the infinite reflections in the glass of a jar are modelled with brushstrokes of colour and impressionist dabs.

In Sergei Inkatov’s canvases colour is the protagonist. Colour constructs the space, creates the atmosphere and guides the spectator’s gaze. The dynamic brushstrokes and the dense texture are at the service of colour. All his work represents a colourful, romantic mythology in which the ancient and modern converge, in which one finds the sun, the sea, the rush of the wind, passion, love and the joy of living".

Personal exhibition
2002 Russian Drama Theatre gallery. Tallinn. Estonia
2002 “Obu” gallery. Tartu. Estonia
2003 G` gallery. Tallinn. Estonia
2003 La Galerii Passage, Tallinn. Estonia
2004 Art-link gallery. Tallinn. Estonia
2005 Portland. USA
2006 Hammond gallery. Tallinn. Estonia
2006 PARADOJA gallery. Madrid. Spane
2007 Gallery - G. Tallinn. Estonia
2008 Würth gallery. Estonia
2008 AKMENZ ZENKLAI. Vilnus. Lithuania
2008 Torcul gallery. Barcelona . Spane.
2009 Art museum. Narva. Estonia
2009 Marziart gallery. Hamburg. Germany
2009 N Prospect. St Peterburg. Russia
2010 Fine Art UK
2010 Russian Art Fair. Park Line Hotel. London. UK
2010 Summer Contemporary Fulham Art Fair. Unique Art Gallery. London. UK
2010 Fortak gallery. Berlin. Germany

2010 Salon Art Bizzare, La Gallerie Pall Mall. London. UK

2011 GM 18. St. Peterburg, Russia

2011 Petropalace. St.Petrburg. Russia

2011 Make Your I.D. Tallinn. Estonia

2012 Architecture Gallery. London. UK

2013 New-Place-Gallery. Hertogenbosch. Netherlands

2013 Blokhus Gallery. Denmark

2013 Art Expo Bejing, China

2013 Make you ID, Tallinn, Estonia

2013 Tallinn City Council, Estonia

2013 Antiques Fair, Herogenbosch, Netherlands

2014 Rotermani Galerii, Tallinn, Estonia

2014 Kochi Hoov, Tallinn, Estonia