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Ben James Allen

I am me, perceived by you.

This grand illusion of separation perpetuates our inherent feeling of being ultimately alone.

The intention of my work is create a space within which the viewer is subconsciously reminded of a forgotten reality. It is an aesthetic platform from which viewers will hopefully forget their pre-conceptions and remember their natural inheritance – joy.

In the same way that a dramatic set naturally enhances the mood of a play, my work stands to make life-style-enhancing backdrops to encapsulate moods and reflect beauty.


Ben James Allen graduated from Cambridge Art School specialising in Illustration and Graphic Design. He spent a further two years at The City of London Polytechnic studying computer graphics specialising in the “Generation of Repeated Pattern as Conceptual Art”. As Head Graphic Designer at Osborne & Little, his interest in pattern and computer-assisted art developed into creating panels of repeating abstract art to form panoramas of organically inspired space. These interweaving layers of swirling vortices and arcs create confluence’s of colour, inviting the eye to take journeys across seamless boundaries with no perceivable beginning or end.