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Sarah Milburn

I have no formal training in fine art (except for my A level). At 19 I was due to go to art college but decided to go for the more 'secure' teaching degree. After 18 years of wonderful but stressful primary school teaching, I decided to leave my full time job and pursue my dream.
I have the perfect life balance now of part time teaching and painting. In just four months my work has been displayed in a local gallery, I've had many commissions, local businesses are displaying my work and the interest in my work has grown as far as America.
Many of my customers have commented that they love my work because it is very unique. Like all other artists I do have my own individual style and I love colour. I'm just beginning to paint abstract pieces and these are proving to be very popular.
I'm currently building up a collection to sell at a renowned art fair. I am here to champion talent. I may not have an art degree or held many exhibitions but my work is proving to be very popular. Everyone has to start somewhere. I guess I'm ''An Absolute Beginner " in the art world, and I'm very excited about my new adventure.
I hope you enjoy my work.