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Luana  Stebule

I am Luana Stebule - Stebuliauskiene. An artist and poet. From 2013 I am living and painting in Milton Keynes, but only this year first time in the UK I have participated in Milton Keynes Art Week.
I was born in 29.10.1962. Vilnius. Lithuania. Finished A.Martinaitis Art School and
Academy of Art.20 years worked in Kaunas Musical Theatre as an artist. Also, created 9 very successful scenography projects with Little Drama, Doll's theatres.I have had 20 Solo exhibitions in Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Italy and participated in 30 common exhibitions around the Europe.
I have about 27 Lithuanian cultural awards for my artworks. My paintings have been acquired by collectors from the USA, Norway, Australia, Israel, Italy, German.
My pictures are poems, haiku, only on canvas and have colours.