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Andrew  Fitchett

Andrew Fitchett

The visual composition skills I developed during my design and advertising career have a strong presence in my paintings but draughtsmanship is its foundation. Whether I am working on small drawings or large oil paintings, detail is unavoidable. Inspiration often comes from the atmosphere of a place. I am particularly drawn to moments of stillness and isolation and these sensations make a landscape interesting for me rather than any specific type of terrain. The painting that follows is a kind of enhanced memory of that place which is developed in my studio from sketches made on location. My long-standing fascination with Crows is more folklore than ornithological and they often make appearances in my paintings.

My work is in private collections in UK, Holland, Germany, Norway, America and Canada.
I am a senior short course tutor at West Dean Collage in Sussex where I teach a range of drawing and painting courses.