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Charles Duke

Let me start by saying that Art is a visionary blend of the past, present and the future encompassing reality and fantasy to define what is true. I specialize in pencil and pastel paintings. My art is personal, intimate, and sensual where real and surreal images merge to explore Emotions, relationships- how we relate to one another and the culture we live in.
I use the pencil as a paintbrush creating detailed paintings that reflect moments in time, moments that express certain moods and attitudes. I want the viewer to feel as if they are apart of the painting and not merely an onlooker, I want them to feel what I felt when I captured this moment in time.
We are our emotions; itís how we relate to every living thing in the universe.

I use pastels for its ability to soothe and relax.
But when it comes to capturing a moment
I use pencil as my tool of choice because painting with a pencil allows me to look at
and portray the human condition in a sincere and honest way.
I am not distracted by a lot of colors, which can obscure or over shadow the message Iím trying to put across.
Thereís purity to it, realism without being photo-real. They are thought provoking and "life-related.Ē