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Angus Brown

Photography has been what I have breathed, lived and embraced for the past 12 years. Having been lucky enough to practice something I enjoy as a profession really needs no explanation of why I continue to do it. My motivation and enthusiasm for the subject is expressed clearly through my portfolio and working seven days a week.

I have been based in London since leaving college 7 years ago and went through the various stages of being a dogs body and assisting various commercial photographers until I got my first advertising job for the Television Licence Fee.

As you will be able to see from my work I specialise in all types of photography. I would describe the majority of my work as alien and obscure, trying to shy away from the practice of conventional photography. My objectives within my personal work are to get the viewer to stop and question what the subject matter is and to bring fourth ideas of their own in regarding to how I actually took it.

In this time I have picked up several awards including Assistant AOP and Polaroid Awards, had several exhibitions, lectured at a number of colleges and have had my work reviewed in many different photographic and creative journals including BJP, Creative Review, Professional Photographer and Image. I continue to work in the advertising/fine art field.

The frames sold with the prints are made of thick pine(10 cm wide)and are stained with a worn look to them. If you would like any bigger size of print then do get in contact.