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Ella Sipho

Ella Sipho

Artist Statement

Ella’s approach to painting involves the application of abstract ideas with emphasis on texture and abundant color. Ella embraces abstract painting as a form of creation. From a blank canvas, to become something. Her objective while painting is to overlap color using flowing fluids, combined with brush strokes, finger strokes and physical rotation of canvas to create various levels of texture.

“Painting gives me the opportunity to express within the art realm, my love of color and explorative nature by intermixing colors to the fullest extent without boundaries”.


Art Associations:

Kansas City Artist Coalition

Chicago Artist Coalition

Berkeley Art Center Association

National Oil & Acrylic Painters Society

Gallery Representation:

The Museum Gallery

Overland Park, KS

March 2002- September 2002

Agora Gallery

New York, NY


03/28/2002 2002 Slide Slam Seattle Art Museum(non juried)

03/07/02 - 05/15/02 The Museum Gallery, Lawrence KS

06/07/02 - 07/05/02 Solo-Exibition

New Works Gallery-Kansas City Artist Coalition

08/07/02 - 08/24/02 Limner Gallery, New York, NY

09/28/02 - 10/15/02 Barnes & Noble, OPKS

09/29/02 - 10/05/02 KCAC Open Studio 2002, KCMO

10/19/02 - 10/20/02 Leadwood Office Suites, OPKS

09/30/02 - 11/22/02 Argentine Public Library, KCKS

12/01/02 - 12/22/02 World Fine Art Gallery, New York, NY

01/20/03 - 02/20/03 The Central Exchange Group, KCMO

01/12/03 - 02/15/03 Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, Ca

02/05/03 - 02/25/03 Agora Gallery, New York, NY

07/21/03 - 08/20/03 Main Public Library, KCKS


October 2001 The Kansas City Magazine

(Mystical Mountain 2001)KCMO

September 2002 Art Exposed (Mardi Gras 2002)KCMO

Art Magazine(Flowers in The Garden 2001)

Nov/Dec 2002 Gallery & Studio Art Review

(Mystical Mountain 2001) NY, NY

November 2002 Art World News (Mardi Gras)

March 2003 Direct Art(Gases 2001) NY,NY


February 2001 Kansas City Artist Coalition

February 2002 Kansas City Artist Coalition

October 2002 Phantom Ball 2002 March of Dimes

Ella Sipho