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Ella Guru

Ella Guru, best known for her portraits of transvestites in beehive wigs, is adding wildlife to her wild life. She is just as excited by ducks, geese and pelicans, and enjoys painting large waterfowl as she travels. Locations include the Hudson River valley in New York, St James' Park in London, the Danube Delta, the Red Sea, Cuba, and Dorset.

Ms Guru studied at the Columbus College of Art and Design, and the Ohio State University in the US. She has lived in London since 1990 and is now a British citizen. She is married and has one daughter, also a budding artist.

Solo Shows include Marios and Intoxica, London, 2009; Flaxon Ptooch, London, 2005; Ryan's in Stoke Newington, London, 2003; First Out in Central London, 2001; Getto, Amsterdam and the Fringe, Newark, 1999.

Ms Guru has also shown extensively in group shows in the US, UK, Germany and Australia. Most notable would be the Walker in Liverpool in 2004. Ms Guru has also done talks in Liverpool, Shrewsbury and London.

Her most recent work explores the darker side of London nightlife including burlesque shows, fire eaters, fetish clubs and, of course, more transvestites.

Ella's hobbies include scuba diving, surf guitar and cycling (especially with men in rubber dresses).