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Deborah Martin

Deborah Martin was born in Melbourne Australia and has been living in the Yarra Valley for the last 17 years. She began drawing in black and white at the age of 12.

"During my teens I would frequently be inspired by nature and would feel a deep joy and elation from these experiences and would stay up all night drawing. I felt guided from within to pursue my art, intuitively I knew there was more to be discovered from within the centre of my being".
"In my twenties, my art was very therapeutic, it brought harmony and peace to mind, body and soul and gave me great joy in being creative, My spiritual life really started and my inner jouney began.

The discipline of meditation opened new horizons of creativity within me. I started drawing in colours for the first time, this continued for the next sixteen years. I unfolded spiritually to take the discipline of contemplation, which is , very much part of my life, The inspiration through contemplation has seen my creativity blossom into painting and evolve into Spiritaul Art, I have called it 'Tanmatra Art'".
Tanmatra Art could be described as contemporary abstract art, but a more accurate description would be like soul it is eternal it has no beginning and no ending and is forever striving to manifest its' most highest form of expresion.
To the viewer of Tanmatra Art it may appear abstact with its vibrant colours and soft lines within the images. However if one goes beyond this and opens to the spiritual energy and vitality that emantates from the images it will give the ippression of no beginning and no ending.
The subtleties will reveal many interesting insights that can be a catalyst to give the viewer the opportunity to make their own journey, to unfold and gain self-awarneness within the images of the pictures.

Member of the Contemporary Art Society of Victoria
Three highly commended awards at the following art shows.
Emerald Art Show.
Warrigul Art Show.
Exhibitions at:
Upper Yarra Art Centre.
Steps Gallery, Lygon street Carlton.
Dromana Art Show.
Tanmatra Art Gallery
Open Space Gallery South Melbourne.