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Kathy Barker

I have a daughter who is now eight years old. She has been one of the starting points for the work I make. As a mother and as an artist I witness her sexuality, be it animalistic, exhibitionst, onfrontational, innocent or whatever. This is turn evokes memories of my own childhood and what it meant to me. I try to go back, re-sence if you like, what it meant to be a girl, growing up and becoming aware of one's self. Mosty I'd like ti think in a celebratory kind of a way.


1964-1973 Lived in West Africa (Sierra Leone, Liberia)

1974-1978 Lived in Spain. Fluent in Spanish

1978 Returned to England

1978-1987 British education, followed by various jobs in promotional work and advertising, such as BSB Dorlands Advertising UK

Further Education:

1991-1992 Wimbledone School of Art, Foundation Course

1992-1995 Wimbledone School of Art, BA (Hons) Fine Art

1995-1997 Wimbledone School of Art, Postgraduate Printmaking

1997-1998 Wimbledone School of Art, MA Printmaking


1994 Wimbledon Library Gallery

1994 The Cut Gallery, London

1994 Loan, via Wimbledon School of Art - German Bank

1995 Wimbledon Library Gallery

1996/97 Open Studios, Silverthorne Studios, Battersea

1997 The Morley Gallery, London

1997 Loan, via Wimbledon School of Art - German Bank

1997 Wills Art Gallery, London

1997/98 The Morley Gallery, London

1997/1998 The Oxford Gallery, Oxford

1998/99 Open Studios, Wimbledon Art Studios

1999- July The Haigate Gallery, London

1999- November The Beatrice Royal Contemporary, Eastleigh


R.K.Burt Paper Prize - 1998