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Doris B Lambling was born 1959 in Mannheim Germany. A member of the Society for Art of Imagination Lambing discovered her passion for painting in 2004. A self taught artist Lambling uses paint to express her own inner world. "I discovered painting as a wonderful way to express myself, my feelings, dreams and experiences in an imaginative and colourful way." she says, adding, "All my pictures are created spontaneous and intuitive. They come from the eye of the heart. Sometimes also from strange thoughts in my head, which I notice with a smile. Mainly a look in inner worlds it's always my perception of energies in and around me. That's the reason why I prefer the usage of vivid and vibrant colors."
Aren't we all a bit Buddha?
Aren't we all a bit Buddha?

Mixed Media Collage with gouache, pastels, stamps,....


30 by 30cm. (12" x 12")
£ 360
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