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Anthony Barrow

Anthony Barrow, a member of NAPA, the National Acrylic Painters Association has been painting for over twenty years. Predominantly a figurative artist Anthony has a prolific output which often overflows into the disciplines of landscape, still life and abstract painting.
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Claire  Burke

Clare Burkes' abstract paintings explore the chromatic and translucent effect of paint, while simultaneously accentuating its textural qualities. A lightness of touch helps to create an intimate, discrete and meditative relationship with the viewer. A certain spatial ambiguity becomes apparent when looking at her work over a period of time. Clare has had numerous exhibitions throughout the UK and her work is held private collections both here and abroad.
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Jenny Brookman

Brookman's paintings allow the viewer to merge in to a 'field of vision' that frees the mind of objects, interruptions and daily cares. Similar to the experience of staring out to sea or the feeling of the warmth of the sun.
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David  Brassington

A recurrent device in David Brassington's work is the use of horizontal bands or blocks of colour that merge together to create a hazy boundary. Inspired by American Absract Expressionists particularly Richard Diebenkorn and Jasper Johns, the aim is to encourage the viewer to look both at and beyond the canvas surface - to create meditation pieces.
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Cuillin Bantock

Bantock's holistic compositions unobtrusively divulge his inner mental process and workings.
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Caroline Brown

Caroline Brown's delicate abstract paintings are created by a succession of fine washes of colour and vaporous form which become intertwined with ethereal and fragile line. For Caroline, painting is a visual and internal conversation; dialectic forms and empirical line, searching for a satisfactory whole. Browns painting reflect an internal conversation between her and her visual representation of thought.
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Alan Burden

Alan Burden specialises in Acrylic and Watercolour painting. Although Alan finds inspiration from a variety of subjects, his main passion is for the landscape. A keen traveller Alan's painting is heavily influenced by his immediate landscape. His work has been exhibited in England, where it reflected the 'Highlands of Scotland and the wilder parts of north east England, right through to the Costa del Sol as well as in America, Holland, Portugal, Germany and some of the major cities throughout Spain. After taking up permanent residence in Andalucía, Alan Burden's work presently focuses on the "wonders of the Spanish landscape".
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Mark Barnard

"My work is a bit like a diary," Barnard says, "It tells a story of what I see". A painter and printmaker, Barnard has been painting professionally for over twenty five years. Taking inspiration from the acute observation of land and sea, Mark Barnard begins by visiting the landscape and making detail sketches and observations. Mark Barnard gained a First class Honours degree in Fine Art in 1976 and has spent his professional life both making art and teaching art. He has had numerous exhibitions across London and the UK and has works in private collections across Britain. Currently living and working in London his work ranges form £400 to £1000.
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Né Barros

Nė Barros’s hot Mediterranean, coastal colours and love for natural, raw textures are reflected in this latest series of paintings. Nė Barros draws great inspiration from his surroundings so it’s not hard to believe that he isn’t based in Britain but instead lives in Corroios, Portugal.
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Terry  Bartle

Terry Bartle's use of earthy, fiery shades of red and contrasting blue create paintings with a dramatic and immense feeling of energy and depth. His expressive use of paint compliments a sense of vigour and dynamism, immersing the viewer within the resulting atmosphere. Although Terry mainly specialises in Acrylic on canvas he also utilises a variety of painting and digital mediums to help create striking abstract landscapes. Terry has exhibited widely across the UK and Europe.
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