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Philip Parham

Parham spends the majority of his time living and painting in an artistic community in Brazil. His work uses both sculptural and geometric form with soft washes earthly colours to produce warm harmonious paintings.
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Ruth  Piper

Ruth Piper had an early career as a fashion designer. But her natural inclination towards fine art meant she became less involved in fashion and more focused on painting. She has exhibited in the UK and abroad and in 2003 completed an MA in painting at Wimbledon School of Art.
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Vicky Philosoph

When Vicky Philosoph graduated in the Millennium year her entire degree show was purchased by the Rector of the London Institute. Since then her career has gone from strength to strength, when a short while later the Bank of England acquired several pieces of her work. This subsequently attracted great interest from corporate and private collectorís worldwide. She regularly exhibits her work in numerous London galleries.
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Deborah Pearse

Deborah Pearse is a British artist to look out for in the coming years. Having already established a flourishing reputation within the contemporary art market, Deborahís work is definitely a positive investment as well as a beautiful addition to any art collection.
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Mark Paul Perry

Born in 1967, Mark Paul Perry specialises in oil and acrylic paint. Using a range of traditional tools, Mark Paul Perry manipulates the paint to obtain the texture and movement he desires. "I love simplicity in form which I portray through the use of colour and texture on canvas. My paintings are inspired by snapshots of specific moments in time or through memories of particular events in my own life. I endeavour to capture these moods and emotions in the most basic form - light, colour and texture - which represent their fundamental essence". Mark's paintings can be found in private, commercial and corporate collections throughout Europe and abroad. Mark exhibits his works regularly and has been commissioned to produce paintings in London, Europe and overseas.
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Ben Petzold

Petzoldís use of muted earthly colours and quickness of line creates alien and oppressive environments resulting in dark, chaotic urban imagery.
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Agata Padol

Do you see eternity in each petal? Agata Padol paints the natural world with a reference to each flower's place in the Universe. Whether using the magnolias and vanillas of autumn or the crisp blues and yellows of a summer's day, the artist creates work with movement, light and energy. Further texture is created through the inclusion of a variety of small shapes, dotted or spiraling across the canvass. A graduate of the School of Fine Art, Katiwice, and the Academy of Fine Art, Poznan, the artist has aquired many admirers across Poland and the world. Her work shows intricacies of the natural world and shapes and parallels that exist within it.
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Dragana Pajkovic Dodig

Transforming the inspiration from nature into shapes and colours Dragana organize her paintings into, what she calls 'the order of associative abstraction'. Her ideas and forms derive from nature and relate to nature but are enclosed in abstract form. In fact, Dragana actually incorporates organic materials in her work: sand, palm tree bark, and crushed stone, all find their use. They help to illustrate gentleness or roughness of the landscape shown.
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Charlie Parker

Although Charlie had recognized his drive towards painting in his early teenage years, he decided not to take formal training in the arts. He finds pleasure in painting landscapes, seascapes and people. His landscapes often include an element of surreal in them but his portraits always try best to mirror the physical features of the sitter as well as to capture the essence or character of the subject. He mostly like working on commissions which challenge the painter to explore the character of the model.
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Usha Parmar

Initially Parmarís paintings seem to lie within the realms of the purely abstract. On closer investigation her beautiful and persuasive use of line and form disclose an interest in the animated displays of animal behaviour.
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